Why do we do what we do?

Cryptocurrency offers you freedom. This freedom is born of two things - choice and control. It's the ability to choose the format your money lives in and how you use it. And it's knowing where your money is at all times, not being left to trust the whims of traditional institutions.

But until now the cryptocurrency world has brought frustrations and confusion. Every exchange had its own terms and approach and a user experience that generates feelings of risk and anxiety rather than trust and excitement.

Which is why we built DSX, a professional platform for cryptocurrency traders.

Why are we best placed to do this?

Our heritage in London’s financial markets gives us the experience to deliver our vision of professionalism. Our technical expertise means we can create an exchange that is beautiful as well as effective. It means we’re able to deliver an experience our customers want to use, rather than a service they endure as the cost of doing business.

Finally, we want to make sure that people feel secure in every transaction they make. That’s why we offer our traders a regulated foundation by partnering with an FCA authorised electronic money institution, ePayments Systems Limited. ePayments offers access to SWIFT, SEPA as well as local payment networks and safeguards our traders funds'.

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