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How to stay ahead of the bubble: The 4 warning signs of a cryptocurrency crash

Cryptocurrency or ICO investors can find plenty of guidance to help them identify an investment that’s potentially a scam. But what about warning signs that a legitimate crypto venture is about to crash?

Case study: Blockchain in the shipping industry

One of the big IT challenges facing the shipping industry today is non-integrated systems that result in “lack of accuracy and completeness of information.

News Roundup – Blockchain Investments

Which blockchain companies and projects are winning the support of investors? Here’s a roundup of recent investment headlines.

How to defend yourself against cryptojacking

Cryptojacking – in which cryptocurrency miners secretly hijack your servers, desktop devices, mobile phones and even Internet of Things devices to “mine” new digital coins for themselves – isn’t like the fictional heist in the “Office Space” movie designed to steal fractions of a penny at a time.

News Roundup – Blockchain Security Developments

What are some of the latest security-related developments in the blockchain world? Here is a roundup of recent headlines.

An investor’s guide to cryptocurrencies: Litecoin

Litecoin hasn’t been around quite as long as Bitcoin. But it’s only a couple of years younger than Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation, and has shown staying power as one of the leading alternatives for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis for January-February 2019

February sees record gains for cryptocurrencies

News Roundup – Blockchain Regulations and Legislation

What are the latest developments in crypto rules and regulation around the world? Here are highlights of what’s happened over the past few weeks

Understanding crypto: What is a decentralised application (dApp)?

If Bitcoin’s decentralised ledger is the first generation of blockchain technology in action, the second generation is exemplified by smart (automatically executed) contracts and the third generation is decentralised applications, or dApps (also frequently written as dapps, Dapps or DApps).

News Roundup – Blockchain Innovations and Developments

What are some of the latest advances in blockchain technology? Here is a roundup of recent developments

EOS is now available on DSX

We are delighted to announce that EOS has been added to our exchange.

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