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News Roundup – Blockchain Investments

What types of distributed ledger technologies and crypto ventures are attracting funding from investors? We review some of the latest developments.

The connection between autonomous cars and blockchain

Blockchain and self-driving cars: they’re both much-hyped technologies that haven’t done much yet to change most people’s lives. But do they have anything else in common?

What are Bitcoin forks and coin splits?

A Bitcoin fork is a development in the cryptocurrency’s underlying technology, the Blockchain. It signals an upgrade to the existing technology.

News Roundup – Blockchain Security Developments

Following are some of the latest security-related developments in blockchain

What DLT could do for gaming

Videogames today are light-years ahead of their predecessors from a decade or two ago. But distributed ledger technology could revolutionise gaming in even further, more radical ways.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis for November and December

The previous month was marked by huge loses for cryptocurrencies across the board.

Update on Bitcoin Cash

As has been announced to the crypto-community, BCH ABC and BCH SV will continue to be permanently split and…

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Forget pick axes and underground tunnels, mining nowadays is all about incredibly powerful computers and specialised software.

Turkish Lira now available on DSX

We are delighted to announce that today is our official launch into the Turkish market.

News Roundup – Blockchain Regulations and Legislation

What’s new in the blockchain regulatory and legislative arena? Following are some recent developments.

Case study: Blockchain in a refugee camp

The UN WFP expects to spend close to $1.6bn in 2018 on cash transfers to help vulnerable people around the globe meet their essential needs. Can blockchain technology help to reduce this amount?

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