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Is quantum computing a threat to blockchain?

Some people worry that the day we see the first real, fully-functioning quantum computer is the day blockchain as we know it dies. But is that true? And, if so, why?

Update on Bitcoin Cash

Both Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV keep on building their positions and attracting new miners.

What is cryptocurrency and why does it matter?

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of exchange that uses cryptography (encrypted code) to create units of the currency (coins) and carry out secure transactions. The encryption allows cryptocurrencies to work as a virtual store of value that’s practically impossible to counterfeit.

Update on the BCH fork

November 15th, at the block number 556,766, the Bitcoin Cash network had split into two competing chains - Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. Due to the uncertainty of which chain will prevail deposits and withdrawals are still disabled.

News Roundup – Blockchain Events

The bear market for cryptocurrencies won’t last, a trio of crypto leaders said during a panel discussion at the Web Summit held in Lisbon in early November.

A Look at the Latest Blockchain-Compatible Devices

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, specialised ASIC rigs left regular PCs and laptops in the dust a long time ago. But can there be a new device to challenge ASIC?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain was invented, around a decade ago, to underpin Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency. The decentralised, distributed-ledger technology is capable of so much more, though, and is now integral to countless other cryptos and digital platforms

News Roundup – Blockchain Investments

Who's investing in new crypto-ventures, and what types of investments are making headlines? We sum up some of the latest developments in the following news roundup.

Bitcoin Forecast to Rise to 0.5 per cent of World’s energy Usage

In the intervening 12 months, the cryptocurrency’s appetite for electricity has reached around 70 terawatt-hours, or about as much electricity as Chile uses every year.

The way forward for cryptocurrency regulation

Cryptocurrencies have their roots in a desire for financial transactions free from third-party interference. But pretty much everywhere you look these days, momentum is building for regulation.

News Roundup — Blockchain Security Developments

What are some of the latest developments in blockchain security? Check out the article to get a summary of some recent headlines

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