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Our response to the Gram news

DSX has been working with a number of inaugural investors in Gram to provide them with a safe and easy way to sell their tokens.

Gram is coming - we’re ready, are you?

It’s always exciting when a new cryptocurrency launches. It’s even more exciting when that cryptocurrency is being launched by one of the world’s largest social networks.

DSX announces a partnership with Yubico

At DSX we’re constantly looking at how we can give our customers more confidence and security.

DSX on Crypto Pro

We are happy to announce that DSX is now fully integrated with Crypto Pro.

EOS is now available on DSX

We are delighted to announce that EOS has been added to our exchange.

Update on the ETH hard fork

Please be informed that Ethereum network will be undergoing a scheduled upgrade at block number 7,080,000…

Update on Bitcoin Cash

As has been announced to the crypto-community, BCH ABC and BCH SV will continue to be permanently split and…

Turkish Lira now available on DSX

We are delighted to announce that today is our official launch into the Turkish market.

Update on Bitcoin Cash

Both Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV keep on building their positions and attracting new miners.

Update on the BCH fork

November 15th, at the block number 556,766, the Bitcoin Cash network had split into two competing chains - Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. Due to the uncertainty of which chain will prevail deposits and withdrawals are still disabled.

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