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An investor’s guide to cryptocurrencies: EOS

Unlike more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, EOS isn’t generated by mining and doesn’t use Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) protocol.

Cryptocurrencies for good: A guide to philanthropy through digital tokens

Cryptocurrencies could revolutionise how you donate to your favourite charity or cause. As they’re built on distributed ledger technology, they could provide quicker and more targeted aid, give greater transparency and reduce fees to administrators and middlemen.

Cryptocurrencies and taxes: What you need to know

If you think doing your taxes is complicated now, adding cryptocurrencies to your current financial picture could make things downright labyrinthine, depending on where you live.

Why we’re nowhere near delivering on PSD2’s bold ambition

One year on, the directive is yet to deliver on its promise and we’re nowhere near the vision that consumers were promised. PSD2 was the start of a seismic shift in the financial world.

Don’t panic: Understanding the cryptocurrency market’s ups and downs

After watching values slide by high double digits over the course of 2018, would-be cryptocurrency investors might be understandably leery about where the market goes from here.

The top crypto and blockchain trends for 2019

Cryptocurrencies had a rough ride in 2018, with most losing a large chunk of their value since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, blockchain technologies continue to hold promise for many organisations, although most applications remain in the testing stage as 2018 draws to a close.

A hype-free assessment of blockchain risks and challenges

The world might be moving toward a blockchain-based economy. But the technology today is still at an early stage of development – think Model-T rather than Prius, to use an automotive analogy – so it’s too soon to really know what that economy might end up looking like.

Blockchain degrees: How academia is incorporating the technology in education

Nobody’s earning master’s degrees or PhDs in blockchain… yet. But the day might soon be coming, as a growing number of mainstream colleges and universities begin offering courses and programmes focused on distributed ledger technology.

How many Bitcoins are in supply?

As of March 2018, it’s estimated that 17 million Bitcoins are in circulation.

Unlike fiat currencies that are…

The connection between autonomous cars and blockchain

Blockchain and self-driving cars: they’re both much-hyped technologies that haven’t done much yet to change most people’s lives. But do they have anything else in common?

What DLT could do for gaming

Videogames today are light-years ahead of their predecessors from a decade or two ago. But distributed ledger technology could revolutionise gaming in even further, more radical ways.

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