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Blockchain for consumers: How close to ‘mainstream’ is the technology?

At this early stage of its development, blockchain technology undoubtedly has a long way to go before it can be considered truly ‘mainstream’.

Cryptocurrencies and regulations around the globe: What you need to know

Cryptocurrency regulations around the world vary widely, as this 2018 survey by the US Library of Congress illustrates.

The tokenisation of collectibles – art, diamonds and more

Thanks to its ability to help track and verify the provenance of things sold or traded among multiple buyers, blockchain technology is seeing real-world tests for a wide range of valuables and collectibles.

How crypto and blockchain are disrupting the automotive industry

While most industries are changing dramatically thanks to digitalisation, the automotive sector is also being shaken up by other big technology and business changes.

6 ways crypto and blockchain are disrupting the pharmaceutical industry

Of all the industries with the potential to benefit from blockchain technology, many believe one of the best candidates is pharmaceuticals.

How crypto and blockchain are disrupting energy and utilities

Change has typically come slowly in the energy and utilities sector, long dominated by large and established organisations with control over wide swathes of infrastructure and a mostly captive customer base.

How crypto and blockchain are disrupting lawyers and the legal sector

Think about what distributed ledger technology can provide – hard-to-hack data records, verifiable transaction histories and a mechanism for automated contracts – and it’s easy to see how it could be hugely disruptive for the work lawyers do.

How crypto and blockchain are disrupting banking and financial services

While blockchain technology hasn’t yet become a part of daily business life, “it is getting closer to its breakout moment every day,” according to Deloitte’s 2018 global blockchain survey.

How your business can benefit from cryptocurrencies

Why have some businesses – Overstock, Expedia, PayPal, DISH and Microsoft among them – decided to let their customers pay or conduct other transactions using cryptocurrencies?

6 green cryptocurrencies to watch: How to choose eco-friendly digital tokens

There’s a growing awareness about how mining for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies carries a high energy – and carbon – cost. So environmentally conscious investors might want to check out other, greener alternatives.

Blockchain-as-a-service – how would it work?

While there are already many potential business use cases for blockchain, there are also still significant barriers holding back mainstream adoption.

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