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The connection between autonomous cars and blockchain

Blockchain and self-driving cars: they’re both much-hyped technologies that haven’t done much yet to change most people’s lives. But do they have anything else in common?

What DLT could do for gaming

Videogames today are light-years ahead of their predecessors from a decade or two ago. But distributed ledger technology could revolutionise gaming in even further, more radical ways.

Is quantum computing a threat to blockchain?

Some people worry that the day we see the first real, fully-functioning quantum computer is the day blockchain as we know it dies. But is that true? And, if so, why?

A Look at the Latest Blockchain-Compatible Devices

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, specialised ASIC rigs left regular PCs and laptops in the dust a long time ago. But can there be a new device to challenge ASIC?

Bitcoin Forecast to Rise to 0.5 per cent of World’s energy Usage

In the intervening 12 months, the cryptocurrency’s appetite for electricity has reached around 70 terawatt-hours, or about as much electricity as Chile uses every year.

The Pros of Cryptocurrency Regulation

Digital currencies might be volatile, but — as the coming 10th anniversary of bitcoin makes clear — they’re not likely to be going away anytime soon.

The state of cryptocurrency regulation today

Ask a hundred people on the street to explain cryptocurrencies, and you’ll probably get a hundred very different answers. Ask governments and regulatory agencies around the world what to do about cryptocurrencies, and you’ll probably get just as many — if not more — different responses.

What Are Crypto Baskets?

In the ‘regular’ world of investing with fiat currencies, so-called ‘basket trading’ lets people put their money into a variety of different stocks all at once.

Blockchain as a weapon against censorship

One of the key attractions of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that, once a transaction is recorded on the public blockchain, it’s almost impossible to alter or erase that information.

The Flipside of Blockchain’s Energy Hunger: A Plus for Conservation

While bitcoin is raising concerns about its large and ever-growing energy — and carbon — footprint, other blockchain applications could help, rather than hurt, sustainability and conservation efforts.

An introduction to directed acyclic graphs

When people achieve such notoriety, you know it’s only a matter of time before they’re declared overexposed and passé, and someone new steps in to take their place. Could the same thing be happening soon with blockchain?

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