Know it, be it, have it - your security at DSX

“Crypto is built on the fundamental promises of security and freedom. To deliver on these promises, people need to be in control of their security, and have the opportunity to choose the measures that suit their needs.” - Mike Rymanov, CEO, DSX

It removes middlemen, it removes borders, and it lets people be more flexible when it comes to their finances. Simply put: cryptocurrency brings freedom. Based on decentralized technologies, it has the potential to completely transform the financial industry.  

However, as with many other financial technologies, crypto is a potentially lucrative target, and cybercriminals are taking aim. So it’s incredibly important to protect your personal accounts to help cryptocurrency stay true to its mission to make every transaction safe and easy.

At DSX, we pay special attention to our users’ security, protecting all accounts with two-factor authentication, or 2FA. This allows us to verify our user’s identity using additional, external measures. So what does this mean for you?  Well, you’ll be asked to confirm that you were the one who initiated a process every time you perform a secure action. You can find the list of actions that are always additionally confirmed here.

At the moment, everyone who uses DSX has two options for 2FA: it can be Google Authenticator and/or an external security key. The external key gives you the highest possible level of security of your personal assets, putting control literally in your hands. Without access to that physical device, no one can log in to your account. The security key can either be a physical device such as a USB key, NFC token, Bluetooth device or a biometric one like Touch ID on your phone or laptop.
We recently partnered with Yubico, one of the world’s leading security key providers. DSX customers can now connect their Yubico authenticator to their DSX account. If you are ready to use your security key, you can find the instructions on how to link and use it here.

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