Update on Bitcoin Cash


Both Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV keep on building their positions and attracting new miners.

However, Bitcoin ABC has added a “checkpoint” in its release version 0.18.4. The blockchain that doesn't have a checkpoint will not be considered valid by nodes updated with 0.18.4 version. At the moment of the posting hash rates of both BCH versions have decreased significantly. However, BCH ABC is still leading.

Unfortunately, even taking all this into account, the community still cannot be entirely sure that the situation has stabilised and it is secure to start using the blockchain. Our top priority is the security of our clients, that is why we still haven’t enabled BCH deposits/withdrawals.

BCH SV still can launch 51% attack on BCH ABC, even though BCH SV itself became a victim of the self-inflicted attack this morning. Amaury Sechet, the leading Bitcoin Cash developer, noticed in his tweet:

“BSVision mined a 64MB block about 30 mins ago. Many SV node still don't have it. They kind of DDoSed themselves. Who could have predicted this…”

We will keep you posted on the situation regarding the Bitcoin Cash upgrade. For now, we keep on monitoring how the update will continue. Once it is safe for both clients and an exchange to transfer funds within BCH blockchain, deposits and withdrawals will be enabled.

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