Update on Bitcoin Cash


As has been announced to the crypto-community, BCH ABC and BCH SV will continue to be permanently split and exist in one blockchain. The situation is now stabilising.

The majority of the community keeps using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) name to refer to the BCH ABC blockchain, while BCH SV goes under Bitcoin SV (BCHSV / BSV). The currency that is currently presented on DSX is BCH ABC, we will refer to BCH ABC as BCH from now on. The ticker remains unchanged. Our team considers adding Bitcoin SV to DSX as well.

After careful checks, we are happy to announce that later this week on 7th December you will be able to withdraw BCH from DSX again. However, without proper replay protection, we cannot enable deposits of BCH since that bears certain financial risks for both clients and the company.

We will keep on monitoring the development of the Bitcoin SV altogether with searching for possible solutions to add protection against replication of the same transaction in both chains. That research would take at least two weeks.

Upon any event, we will additionally create a notification in your account at DSX and a post in social media regarding every update. Stay tuned!

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