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We’re the perfect partner for any company looking to integrate cryptocurrency into your work. We offer all the features you need to unlock crypto for your customers, from secure and instant exchange features through to best-in-class conversion tools

Case studies


DSX enables ePayments to handle crypto transfers and payments as effortlessly as euros, dollars and rubles. And it doesn’t stop there - by working together we enable their customers to swap their money between crypto and fiat currencies without breaking a sweat

million ePayments customers now have a safe, reliable way to handle crypto
of all transactions on ePayments now involve crypto

CoinBurp’s mission is a simple one - cut the rubbish from the crypto industry. They focus on making crypto as easy to use as possible - creating a front-end consumers want to engage with. And they trust us to handle the rest. By using DSX’s APIs they get all the benefits of a full-stack, end-to-end, cryptocurrency exchange without the hassle of hiring and running a whole team

minutes is all it takes for users to get up and running with CoinBurp
commission on all crypto deposits

When shopping online, consumers expect merchants’ payment systems to be able to handle payment in any form they want to pay in. Safenetpay makes this happen for their customers and then some. So when it came to accepting payment in crypto, Safenetpay needed a partner who could live up to these high standards and DSX was the obvious choice. We handle everything involved in conducting cryptocurrency transactions and exchanging crypto for fiat currency, without the payee ever having to leave the Safenetpay ecosystem

and counting - the number of alternative payment methods Safenetpay can accept
times cheaper than a standard bank’s FX rates

Crypto on your terms


We offer a suite of powerful tools which provide accurate market data endpoints and easy integration with your business


We work with everyone from start-ups looking to change the way we live through to enterprise businesses taking their first steps into the world of cryptocurrency


We keep our service updated with timely, reliable and accurate crypto prices so you’re never left in the dark

DSX simply works - letting you focus on your business

Security comes first

Cryptocurrency lives and dies by security so your customers need to feel secure in every transaction they make. We provide that trust and then some, with two-factor authentication, cold storage, smart backup and manual withdrawals all as standard

I have used DSX as my sole crypto exchange for the past 5 years and would highly recommend them to others. For me, their ease of use, expertise and great customer support is what separates them from the competition
Peter Wood
During the years of cooperation with DSX, we became convinced of the reliability of this company, professionalism and high level of technical training of its specialists. The colleagues have made all necessary efforts for fruitful cooperation, and we are sincerely grateful to them for their trust
Anton Chashchin, CBDO of OKONTO
DSX is a very competent and responsive team with great product and business approach

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fund my account?
The simple answer is: however you like! Choose from bank transfers, debit and credit cards or our seamless integration with ePayments wallets
Can I try out the DSX trading platform without spending actual money?
Yes! The easiest way to see what we’re all about is to use our demo platform. It’s free to try after you register. Enter your email address, verify it and set up your password, and you’re on your way to unlimited access to our demo. When you log in to the trading platform, look in the upper right corner for the name of the current account selected. If it is ‘Trading demo’, you’re ready to go. If you see any other name, click to choose the demo account instead. Now dive right in and learn the ropes. Put our demo through the paces until you’re ready for the next step. Every journey starts with a single step and dreams only come true when you open your eyes

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