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News Roundup – Blockchain Investments

Who’s investing in blockchain companies and technologies? We round up some of the latest funding headlines.

Blockchain-as-a-service – how would it work?

While there are already many potential business use cases for blockchain, there are also still significant barriers holding back mainstream adoption.

News Roundup – Blockchain Security Developments

What are some of the recent security-related headlines in the news for blockchain companies? Here’s a roundup of some of the latest developments.

News Roundup – Blockchain Regulations and Legislation

What are some of the new rules and regulations being approved or considered for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies? Here is a roundup of recent developments.

Cryptocurrency cold storage options: What you need to know

Despite those photos of shiny gold “Bitcoins” that illustrate so many articles about cryptocurrencies, physical coins aren’t typically used in today’s digital money world.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis for March-April 2019

BTC gains more than eight per cent during March

News Roundup – Blockchain Innovations and Developments

What are some of the innovative ways in which organisations are putting blockchain to use? Here are some recent stories in the headlines.

Understanding crypto: What is a smart contract?

The concept of the “smart contract” has been around longer than blockchain. But blockchain-based technology – Ethereum in particular – has created new potential for smart contracts in many areas of life and business.

News Roundup – Blockchain Events: A blockchain “deathmatch” at SXSW

Any panel discussion billed as a “deathmatch” should be a lively one, even if it’s about a highly technical subject like blockchain. And the session titled “Blockchain Deathmatch: Permissed-ed vs. -less” at this year’s SXSW conference and festival in Austin, Texas, did not disappoint in that regard.

How to stay ahead of the bubble: The 4 warning signs of a cryptocurrency crash

Cryptocurrency or ICO investors can find plenty of guidance to help them identify an investment that’s potentially a scam. But what about warning signs that a legitimate crypto venture is about to crash?

Case study: Blockchain in the shipping industry

One of the big IT challenges facing the shipping industry today is non-integrated systems that result in “lack of accuracy and completeness of information.

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